Land for Sale

We have various sites within the Mid Sussex area which will be coming to the market place potentially over the next 12 to 24 months.

Residential Land Sought

We have a number of clients who are constantly seeking land for residential development, preferably with the benefit of a planning consent.

However, many of our clients are willing to enter into short or long term agreements, subject to contract whereby they will apply for all the necessary consents. This removes the possible confusion and stress that applying for planning consent can cause the vendors and gives our clients the opportunity to use their own teams and/or experts who often have a greater knowledge of what the Local Authorities require.

Our Government, at present are seeking to secure further development within the South East of England. However, their requirement in terms of numbers is not necessarily being an acceptable situation to many Local Authorities in the South East corner and at the moment there appears to be a considerable delay in being able to achieve the necessary planning permissions that are required. The situation in the South east will have to change according to Government directives. However, some Local Authorities will undoubtedly resist this pressure for as long s they possibly can. This should not deter people from trying to seek ratification of any land that they should hold as to whether or not planning permission could at some stage be forthcoming.

As a local Company, we are more than happy to try and analyse some of these situations with Local Authorities and pass on any advice or information that we could achieve to help people further their desire for a planning consent.